Find yourself out in the wild.

We were born to explore and spend time with nature, its built into our human instincts yet so many of us are cutting our ties to nature and dismissing the healing hands of mother earth.

Why do you need nature? Well for a lot of obvious reasons the main one providing us with clean air to breathe and fresh water to drink, however nature provides us with so much more for us than we know.

Being out in the wilderness can also bring us clarity and help us find solutions for our worries. It can help us ease stress as we are cut off from the modern world. Nature gives us a sense of belonging, and reminds us who we are and that we matter.

I’ve grown up learning to love the wilderness which has enabled me to have no fear of mother earth and understand how important she is to us. I am a Leo and I have a very strong will and sometimes let my temper overrule me, however if I spend my time outdoors I begin to feel myself calm down and retreat back into a mellow lion-like state.

A large part of me has a burning desire to run off into the wild and never return, yet I have a lot of reasons to stay attached to the modern world as I have adapted and learned to enjoy the benefits of technology and other materialistic things, however, I lead a simple life and try not to become consumed by consumerism and this constant thirst for needing bigger and better things, it’s simple – keep it simple!

I believe as humans it is important for us to ground ourselves out in nature once in a while, and one habit I live by is limiting shoe use outdoors, yes I understand that sounds wild, but trust me, earthing is an incredibly nurturing and healing act that provides so many wonderful benefits for us, if you spend a few hours a week walking on the sand or soft grass barefoot I guarantee you will feel better for it.

Spending time out in the wild has helped me process and deal with a lot of struggles I’ve been fighting in my mind, it has allowed me to analysis everything in a peaceful location and helped me find solutions to certain questions.

Once a week I highly recommend you take the time to go outdoors and spend a few hours alone among the trees processing your thoughts and working out solutions for your worries. You’ve got a lot to learn about yourself, and I promise you, you will begin to learn who you are if you begin to spend more time alone in the wild.

I’m just sharing with you what techniques I have learnt after 22 years walking among this earth and how I reap the benefits of mother earth and how she has helped my spirituality, I am not forcing these ideas on you rather sharing them with you, and if they work for you then that’s great! If not no worries, we are all different and process and deal with things in all different ways, but spending time out in the wilderness has helped nurture billions of souls among the world and I reckon it’s about time you become familiar with Mother Earth too, she is waiting for you.



Naked vibes are good vibes.

Have you ever just stood there in the ocean, bare naked, and let the waves crash over your body? Have you ever stood amongst a rain forest listening to the birds sing as you rest your naked body against a tree? Have you even climbed to the highest mountain, stripped down to nothing and embraced the powerful energy from the mountain? Continue reading “Naked vibes are good vibes.”